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Collected Bibliography "History & Philosophy of Chemistry"
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Bibliographies Included in the Database thus far

Philosophy of Chemistry (incl. history of ideas, theories, & methods)
HYLE Bibliography "Philosophy of Chemistry, 1991-": 627 titles, compiled by Joachim Schummer.
"Chemistry and Humanities, -1990": 1,262 titles (215 kB), compiled by Sabrina Dittus & Matthias Mayer.
"Philosophy of Chemistry in the GDR, 1954-1990": 262 titles (53 kB), compiled by Joachim Schummer.
Topics and Branches in the History of Chemistry
"History of Alchemy, -2000" : 901 titles, compiled by Hans-Werner Schütt.
"Chemical Education and Profession in Germany (1790-1850), -1993": 788 titles, compiled by Ernst Homburg.
"19th-Century Chemistry, -1999": 184 titles, compiled by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent.
"Chemical Industry (esp. Netherlands)": 439 titles, compiled by Ernst Homburg.
"On Tyrian and Lichen Purple, 1750-": 278 titles, compiled by Chris Cooksey
 "Chemistry and the Environment, 1990-": 189 titles, compiled by Anthony Travis
 "20th-Century Chemical Instrumentation, -2004": 223 titles, compiled by Jörg Deschermeier & Carsten Reinhardt
On Individual Chemists
"Bibliography on Boyle, 1940-": 455 titles, compiled by Robert Boyle Project (Michael Hunter).
"Bibliography on Lavoisier, 1794-": 1,179 titles, compiled by Panopticon Lavoisier (Marco Beretta).
"Bibliography on Liebig, -1997": 242 titles, compiled by William Brock

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  • Complete Paper Listing of Kagakushi: Journal of the Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry, 1974- 
  • History of Science/Science Studies Reference Sources (by Doug Stewart)
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  • The Alchemy Reference Library (by Adam McLean)
  • Alchemy: a bibliography of English-language writings (by Alan Pritchard)
  • Classical Works in Alchemy, full texts in pdf (by Azogue)
  • PHB: Pharmaziehistorische Bibliographie (online research 1988 ff., by Michael Mönnich)
  • Dissertations in the Medical Humanities (by Jonathon Erlen)
  • The Italian Bibliography of the History of Science (by Massimo Bucciantini et al.)
  • Professional Ethics for Scientists: Annotated Bibliography (by  Linda M. Sweeting)
  • Bibliography of Literature on the Periodic System (pdf, by Eric Scerri and Jacob Edwards)
  • The Chemical Revolution (by Jose Ramon Bertomeu-Sanchez)
  • A useful source is also the Journal of Chemical Education-Search Index

    Meta-bibliographies of Philosophy

  • by Dey Alexander
  • by Peter Suber.

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