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Aims and Scope
Indexed and Abstracted
Publication and Distribution
Name and History
Special Services to the Scholarly Community

Aims and Scope

HYLE is a peer reviewed international journal dedicated to all philosophical aspects of chemistry. Articles deal with epistemological, methodological, foundational, and ontological problems of chemistry and its subfields; the peculiarities of chemistry and relations to technology, other scientific and non-scientific fields; aesthetical, ethical, and environmental matters in chemistry; as well as philosophically relevant facets of the history, sociology, linguistics, and education of chemistry. The journal offers top quality original articles and essays, book reviews, reports, and short biographies. Contributions are in English.

The journal combines general issues and special issues, such as on

  • "Models in Chemistry" (5-2, 6-1, 6-2),
  • "Ethics of Chemistry" (7-2, 8-1),
  • "Aesthetics and Visualization in Chemistry" (9-1, 9-2),
  • "Nanotech Challenges" (10-2, 11-1),
  • "The Public Image of Chemistry" (12-1, 12-2, 13-1),
  • "Bionanotechnology" (15-1, 16-1),
  • "Chemistry and Mathematics" (18-1, 19-1), and
  • "Ethical Case Studies of Chemistry" (22-1, 23-1).

Distinguished philosophers, chemists, and historians of chemistry from 9 different countries serve on the Editorial Board of HYLE.

The scope of the readership includes philosophers, historians of science, chemists, and chemistry teachers from over 64 countries.

HYLE combines autonomous scientific quality management (double blind peer review) with modern technology of electronic production and distribution. We are committed to the policy of the Budapest Open Access Initiative and, thus, avoid obsolete, costly, time-consuming, and heteronomous procedures of traditional commercial publishers. This enables an up-to-date forum for discussion in the young field of the philosophy of chemistry and brings the international community together, without discriminating scholars from financially less developed countries.


 Indexed and Abstracted

HYLE is indexed/abstracted by Philosopher's Index, Chemical Abstracts, Isis Current Bibliography, ISI Web of Knowledge (Arts & Humanities Citation Index; Science Citation Index Expanded; Social Sciences Citation Index; Current Contents Arts & Humanities; Current Contents Physical, Chemical & Earth Sciences), International Bibliography of Periodical Literature (IBZ), and International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Literature (IBR).

One of the first electronic journals in philosophy worldwide, HYLE is well connected with all major internet sites in chemistry, philosophy, history of science, and general e-journal collections and listed in all pertinent site catalogues. All papers are fully indexed by the major search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google Scholar. 

Free online access to full texts ensures authors of HYLE an extraordinary large readership. With over 100,000 hits and more than 20,000 individual visitors per month, HYLE is one of the most widely read philosophy journals worldwide. 


Publication and Distribution

HYLE is published by HYLE Publications, Berlin. Copyright is by the publisher and the authors.

The journal is issued in electronic form at least twice a year for open access. Printed back issues are available for vols. 3-12.


Name and History

In response to a frequently asked question: The name of the journal derives from the Greek term for matter, υλη, which was used in philosophy since Aristotle to grasp the principles of what we now call chemistry. Pronounciation is similar to the English term combination 'who-lay'.
Click here to listen to the pronounication of HYLE

HYLE emerged from the former print bulletin of the German working group Philosophie und Chemie, founded in Germany in 1993 by philosopher-chemists and philosophers interested in chemistry. Since 1997 HYLE has been published as an international journal, both in electronic and printed form.

In 2001 the HYLE website moved from the University of Karlsruhe to an own domain (www.hyle.org) to secure a permanent location on the internet.


Special Services to the Scholarly Community

HYLE is more than simply a journal. As much as the internet differs from printed matter, we are permanently developing new electronic facilities as special services to the scholarly community. At the moment HYLE website provides the following regualarly updated free services:

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