Stephen J. Weininger

Contemplating The Finger:
Visuality and the Semiotics of Chemistry




 Figure 1. Geoffroy's Table des rapports (Geoffroy [1718]). [return to text]


 Figure 2. Table of Simple Substances (Lavoisier 1790). [return to text]


Figure 3. Several Tables of Acid Salts, laid side by side to form a 'grid' (Lavoisier 1790). [return to text



 Figure 4. Chemical formulas as abbreviations in reaction equations.[return to text]



 Figure 5. Homologous hydrocarbon 'radicals' and some derivatives (Gregory 1860). [return to text]



 Figure 6. Homologous of CnH2n and their collateral 'heterologues' (Miller 1867). [return to text



 Figure 7. Various structural representations of benzene. [return to text]


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